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Cam Latches

Cam latches and locks offer simple but secure locking of electrical cabinets, telecoms and IT enclosures, machinery covers, lockers and sheet metal. They are available in die-cast zinc, polyamide plastic and stainles ssteel. Easy installation with a single standardised flexi-system cut out.

Keys, Cams and Accessories

Cams with offsets from -8mm -27mm. Large range of different key styles. Our cam latches come with assorted accessories to make your design unique.

Cam Latches - Insert Driver

A full range of Cam Action System, choosing the material and design best suited to your requirements. Different insert types on offer depending on key style.

Cam Latches - Padlockable

Padlockable Cam Latches provide increased security via combination lock or the option to add a padlock and bar.

Cam Latches - Wing Handle

Designed to ease access to whatever is being fastened, as well as the actuation of the fastener itself. Available in different materials and finishes to match your needs.

Cam Latches - Extended Body

Perfect when a standard cam offset is not enough. Fixed extended grip for when only one gripping distance is required.

Cam Latches - Mini

An ideal solution for when you require a cam latch system but have limited space. Commonly used in letter boxes and other small units.

Cam Latches - With Cover

For applications where an extra secured unit around the quarter turn fastener is required. Commonly used when unwanted materials can easily get into the fastener system.

Cam Latches - Heavy Duty Handle

Perfect when a secure heavy load bearing handle is required to take the weight of a door or panel while opening.

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