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Corner Hinges

Corner hinges are used typically on metal cabinets and machine covers. They sit flush to the surface and are mounted internally, so preventing tampering or removal. When the door is open, the removable pin allows for easy removal of the door for cleaning, maintenance or access.

Corner Hinge - 19-24mm Door Return - S1901

Corner hinge with an opening angle of 180°. For sheet metal and machine enclosures with 19-24mm.

Corner Hinge - 19-21mm Door Return - S1903

Stainless steel corner hinge, cut out and integrated stud. For sheet metal enclosures (up to 2mm thick).

Corner Hinge - 24-26mm Door Return - S1911

Black coated corner hinge, cut out and counter sunk screw. Universal left & right hand opening doors.

Corner Hinge - 17mm Door Return - S1921

Black coated corner hinge. Mounting via M5 countersunk screws. Doors upto 2mm thick.

Corner Hinge - 24mm Door Return - S1926

Cut out and countersunk screw. Black coated. For sure metal enclosures with a 24mm frame off-set.

Corner Hinge - 24-26mm Door Return - S1928

Black coated corner hinge, cut out and clip fix. Mounting via use of installation clip and "t-nut" slot on hinge body.

Corner Hinge - 25,5mm Door Return - S1941

Black coated corner hinge - 25,5mm door return. Mounting via M5 countersunk screws and support bracket.

Corner Hinge - 25mm Door Return - S1942

Black coated corner hinge - locking nut and recessed hexagon. 25mm door return. Doors upto 2mm thick.

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