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Drawer Slides

Wide range of drawer slides in stock. Including slides of all variance from Linear slides to draw slide for specific applications. All of these slides are made from either zinc-plated steel or stainless steel and are designed and crafted so as to get the full potential from each slide.

Stainless Full Extension Draw Slides

A 3 beam stainless steel slide to support up to 45kg. Hold-in detent when slide closed and positive stop. Lever disconnect for easy drawer removal.

Steel Full Extension Draw Slides

A 3 beam slide to support up to 200kg load, with positive stop. Cold rolled steel drawer slide, tested to 40,000 usage cycles.

Stainless Lever Disconnect Drawer Slides

3 beam full extension drawer slide, supprts up to 80kg. Hold-in detent when slide is closed prevents drawer from sliding open. Tested to 80,000 cycles.

Steel Lever Disconnect Drawer Slides

45kg load drawer slide, firmly held in open position. Hold-in detent when slide closed. Disconnect lever for easy removal.

Steel Lever Disconnect Drawer Slides

Full extension drawer slide, light duty and low profile. Disconnect lever, positive stop and detent holds the drawer closed.

Lever Disconnect Drawer Slides - Soft Closing

Soft close drawer slide, supports up to 30kg. Quick release via disconnect lever. Slide slows, then pulls in to close.

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