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Index Plungers

Cam latches and locks offer simple but secure locking of electrical cabinets, telecoms and IT enclosures, machinery covers, lockers and sheet metal. They are available in die-cast zinc, polyamide plastic and stainless steel. Easy installation with a single standardised flexi-system cut out.

Non-Locking Index Plungers

These index plungers are ideal for quick and simple manual indexing purposes.

Locking Index Plungers

Wixroyd’s locking index plungers provide you with precision and control. If you want more security look at our tamper resistant range.

Lever Index Plungers

Lever index plungers alter the pin’s engagement through pull or push forces. Look at our available ranges today.

Precision Index Plungers

Wixroyd precision index plunger's precise finish guarantees high repetition accuracy. Particularly suited for aligning sub-plates.

Flanged Index Plungers

Index Plungers with mounting flange allow for easy installation in both horizontal and vertical planes.

Compact + Mini Index Plungers

Ideal for smaller and lighter location requirements or those with thin materials.

Index Plunger Accessories

Once you have the correct index plunger our distance collars and locating bushes bring out their fullest potential…

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