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Industrial Hinge Supplier

Wixroyd supplies a wide ranges of hinges to industry, including machine builders, retail display, transport, and engineering. Our range includes butt leaf hinges, concealed or hidden hinges in materials such as PA Polyamide plastic, 304 and 303 stainless steel. Hinges that turn from 90 degrees, through 180 degrees up to 270 degrees. A choice of mounting styles from screw mount, weld on or embedded screw, also known as stud mount and available in inset, overlay or half overlay styles.

Surface Mount External Hinge - S0561

Made from die cast zinc, black powder coated. This hinge is for plain/flush mounted doors, as well as electrical panels and covers.

Surface Mount Hinge with Integrated Stud - S1102

Made from die cast zinc, with black powder or chrome finish, available as full stud hinge or half stud, half screw fit. Ideal for machine enclosures & sheet metal cabinets.

Concealed Pivot Hinge - S2115

The hinge and pin are made from Steel, white zinc plated. Suited to sheet metal and machine enclosures with 23mm door return. Main body mounted via M6 screws.

Concealed Pivot Hinge - Lift Off - S2170

The hinge is made from steel, white zinc plated. Suited to sheet metal and machine enclosures with a 21mm door return. Main body mounted via two M7 screws.

Lift-Off Hinges - Off-set - S2300

Available in stainless steel for cleanliness and corrosion resistance, these hinges allow for door removal to give greater access to the enclosure or machine.

Lift-Off Hinges - Off-set S2404

Allows for door or access panel removal for plain/flush mounted doors. Concealed mounting screws prevent external access to the hinge. Opening angle 180°.

Adjustable Torque Friction Hinge - S4002

Made from polyamide, black finish. Opening angle 160°. Hinge torque adjusted by screw. Provides position control. Supplied with fixing nuts and bolts.

Screw mount Spring Hinge - S4202

Stainless Steel, AISI 304, plain finish. Spring tension in this hinge is designed to keep doors closed.

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