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Levelling Feet

Levelling feet have a wide range of features to suit any application. To ensure you select the most suitable levelling feet, you need to consider the following questions; What material do you require? What is the load carrying capacity? Do you require a bolt-down feature? Do you need the levelling feet threaded or plastic? Once you have the answer to all those questions, please select the correct levelling feet below.

Steel Bolt Levelling Feet - Plastic Pad - 34721

Free standing levelling foot with plastic pad and steel stud. Sizes M6-M12.

Levelling Feet With Bolt - 34701

Offering pads or fully assembled foot. An all metal range coming in steel and stainless. Standard sizes M6-M24.

Levelling Feet - Stainless Steel - 34711

A complete Wixroyd levelling foot complete with nitril pad at its base. Standard sizes include M12- M24.

Stainless Steel Levelling Feet - 34741

Stainless studded foot completed with a reinforced nylon pad. Stud threads range from M6-M12.

Thermoplastic Pad Levelling Feet - 34760

Giving greater visibility with its white delrin pad with stainless stud, can also be used as thrust pads.

Stainless Machine Mounts - Hygienic Seal - 34770

A machine mount designed for hygienic environments coming in stainless steel with a sheath for the stud.

Bolt-Down Levelling Feet - 34702

Wixroyd's all steel bolt down levelling foot with a 20° angle of movement.

Medium Duty Bolt-Down Levelling Feet - 34712

For corrosion resistance our fully stainless steel medium duty levelling feet fits the bill.

Heavy Duty Bolt-Down Levelling Feet - 34713

Our 34713 range features bolt down pads as well as a full assembly of heavy duty bolt down levelling feet.

Plastic Bolt-Down Levelling Feet - 34722

Comprised of a plastic pad & steel bolt with plastic plugs to prevent material entering the holes in the pad.

Plastic Bolt-Down Levelling Feet - 34742

The stainless stud with plastic pad can handle loads ranging from 10kN to 20kN and sizes range from M12 to M24.

Vibration Dampening Levelling Feet - 34751

Wixroyd's vibration dampening machine mount is fully stainless and has 7 degress of articulation. .

Bolt-Down Machine Mounts - 34752

Stainless steel machine mount with a bolt down tag to locate it. Static loads range from 7.5kN to 10kN.

Stainless Low Profile Machine Feet - 34780

A low profile pad with a nitrile rubber inset and stainless body. Standard studs range from M8- M24.

Non-Tilt Fixed Feet - 34610

This fixed foot features a steel stud and plastic pad ideal for smaller applications.

Non-Tilt Fixed Feet - 34620

Wixroyds low profile pad presents a greater range of larger pad sizes than 34610. Stud threads M8 -M10.

Non-Tilt Fixed Feet - 34630

A non-tilting foot with steel zinc plated stud and black plastic pad.

Plastic Levelling Feet - 34640

This articulating foot comes with M8 thread and is ideal for smaller applications and offer discrete support.

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