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Lid Stays

Our range of lid stays consists of a number of different stays depending on the function of the lid you require these on. Firstly you will need to identify the way that the lid opens, for example; upward opening or top opening.

Upward Opening Lid Stay - N0855

Made in Steel, Fitted with positioning spring and steel ball at pivot point to provide positive stop. Right and left handed available.

Heavy Duty Lid Stays - N0952

Made in Steel, Zinc Plated. Right and left handed available. Ideal for screw or weld-on mounting. For stainless steel click here.

Spring Loaded Lid Stays - N0900

Made in Stainless Steel, AISI 304. Spring mechanism assists lifting door and holds in open position.

Upward Opening Lid Stays - N0859

Made in Steel. Universal for right and left hand applications. Ideal for screw or weld-on applications.

Lid Stays - N0982

Made in Stainless Steel, AISI 304. Universal for left and right hand applications. When open, stay has a stop to hold the door open.

Positive Stop Lid Stays - Variable Length - N0984

Made in Stainless Steel, AISI 304. Universal left or right hand. Stay length can be adjusted from min. 134 to max. 184mm.

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