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Self Aligning Pads

Self-aligning pads are available in both steel and stainless steel and come in a range of sizes and shapes to suit any application. Flat and serrated pads available from stock.

Self Aligning Pads - 34100

Both flat and serrated pads are featured in this range in female and male models. All in heat treated steel.

Self Aligning Pads, Stainless Steel - 34101

Flat stainless pads housed in a fully stainless male or female body to suit. Balls are secured against turning and can also be fitted to existing clamping elements.

Self-Aligning Pads - 34120

Self aligning pads can be used to act as stops, supports and thrust elements. This particular range comes in steel with a longer thread and lock nut to make it adjustable in height to suit your application.

Self-Aligning Pads, Stainless Steel - 34121

The all stainless adjustable self aligning pad comes in sizes M8 - M20 as standard and max static loads of 8-90kN.

Self-Aligning Pads - 34080

Perfect as a stop, support or thrust pad especially where components are being machined. Insert is brazed in position.

Self-Aligning Pads, Stainless Steel - 34081

Like our other self aligning pads this completely stainless pad can alter its angle by 9⁰. Pads are available in serrated or flat to suit.

Self-Aligning Pads - 34082

Range 34082 features a fixed flat support surface with either a ribbed face or single point.

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