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Side Thrust Pins

Side thrust pins are an economical way to clamp, hold and position components. From low height PCB's to relatively large castings. They are easy to handle, minimum mounting space and ideal for flat pieces.

Lateral Spring Plungers - Steel - 32800

Wixroyd's lateral spring plunger comes in one sided, double sided and increased spring strength variations.

Side Thrust Pins - Without Seal - 32810

These push fit side thrust pins are ideal for holding, clamping and positioning low profile items/materials. Plastic and steel pins available.

Side Thrust Pins - With Seal - 32820

Our push fit side thrust pin range 32820, comes with a seal to prevent ingress of dirt or chips into the main body. Suitable for use in a workshop environment where swarf, turnings and shavings are present.

Threaded Side Thrust Pins - Without Seal - 32840

A threaded alternative to push fit models for positioning and applying pressure. In sizes M12 and M18 x1.5 and is without seal.

Side Thrust Pins - Plastic Spring - 32870

This plastic side thrust pin is fitted with a plastic spring and the body is available in a range of shore hardness levels. Both plastic & hardened steel pins are available.

Threaded Side Thust Pin - With Seal - 32850

This item has a seal against chips or dirt. To be used for positioning and applying pressure

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