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Smooth Body Spring Plungers

Smooth body spring plungers are a popular push fit component. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes suited to any application. Specials are also available upon request but are subject to a minimum order quantity.

Smooth Body Spring Plungers - 32300

A popular push fit location component coming with a collar and a wide range of material variations including stainless steel, brass and plastic.

Expander Fit Spring Plunger - 32302

Unique body design flexes to expand and contract to fit in location bore tolerances as wide as +0,2mm. Especially suited to installation in materials where precise bores are difficult to machine.

Smooth Spring Plungers - 32282

A pin ended spring plunger that comes with stainless body and choice of stainless or plastic pin depending on the materials you are working with.

Smooth Spring Plungers - 32280

This straight smooth ball ended spring plunger comes with a stainless body and steel hardened ball. Special variations are available, please contact us for MOQ's.

Double Ended Brass Spring Plunger - 32350

A double ended spring plunger with a central knurled section to help fix it. They are used mainly for axial locations and securing of bolts.

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