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Swing Handles

Swing handles are the best locking option where design and function are both needed. Aesthetic and easy to install, swing handles can be used as single point locking handles or as an integral part of a multi-point system.

Swing Handles - Cam Control - B1281

For attractive easy functional opening for and telecom and data cabinets as well as other industrial enclosures. Lock and handle in one attractive design. Cam operation provides intuitive handling.

Swing Handles - Rod Control - B2084

The use of a magnetic key means that the possibility of material ingress is eliminated, as there is no key cavity. This swing handle can provide one, two or three point latching.

Swing Handles - Rod Control - B2091

The rod control system on this swing handle provides easy multi point latching, making it ideal to secure larger enclosures such as IT enclosures such as server cabinets as well as vending machines.

Swing Handles - Cam Control - B1086

This swing handle is tested against water and dust ingress. The dust cover provides extra protection to the seal, providing IP54 rating.

Multi-Point Latching

For larger cabinets and enclosures, or where greater security is needed, multi point latching is a simple easy to use option, using a single lock. Combining a rod system with a swing handle or cam lock or latch, flexing is avoided by the additional latching points, providing extra strength to the door. The sealing of the top and bottom of the door is also improved with 2 or three point latching, using a rod control system.

Swing Handles - Cam Control - B1285

Available with or without a push handle to release the handle, this part comes with an optional padlock clasp that prohibits access to the lock, so the swing handle provides a double layer of protection.

Swing Handles - Rod Control - B2091

Dual rod control and cam fitting offers two or three point latching. Dust cover has hole for anti tamper cable.

Swing Handles - Rod Control - B2088

90 degree swing handle rotation combines with rod control system to open or close. For use inside the cabinet or enclosure gasket.

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Ideal for electricity sub stations, vehicle handles and for medical or scientific enclosures, available in stainless Steel and a range of locking options.

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