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Thin Wall Index Plungers

Thin wall index plungers are perfect for thin walled parts. Available in a "locking" and "non-locking" type, depending on whether you want the index plunger to lock in place. Variety of styles available.

Index Plungers - Pull Grip - Mini - 32600

An extra fine threaded mini index plunger, for positioning and indexing in the smallest of spaces.

Index Plungers - Pull Grip - Mini - 32602

Like the other mini index plungers this fine threaded mini index plunger has locking and non-locking models available.

Index Plungers - Pull Grip - Mini - 32604

Coarse threaded mini index plunger, available in stainless steel or free cutting galvanised steel. Particularly suited for use on sheet metal assemblies; e.g Shopfitting displays.

Index Plungers - Pull Grip - Thin Walled - 32730

Short bodied index plungers for compact applications. Available in locking & non-locking models. Hexagon collar improves leverage for secure installation.

Index Plungers - Pull Grip - Compact - 32770

A miniature steel plunger that is designed for use with panels/walls 1 to 5mm thickness.

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