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Aviation Pins

Aviation Pip-pins are used for frequently repeated operations such as quick fastening, locking, adjusting, changing and securing. Our pip-pins are manufactured to NASM norms and with great stock availability you can rely on the quality of both the product and the service we offer.

L Handle Aviation Pin

L handle pip pin designed for frequently repeated operations.

T Handle Aviation Pin

T handle aviation ball lock pin that can be used for swift securing applications.

B Handle Aviation Pin

Wixroyd’s button shaped handle is perfect for location functions that require a small handle.

R Handle Aviation Pin

Manufacture certified & assessed to EN9100D by EASE (European Aerospace Supplier Evaluation)

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Aviation Pin Accessories

Wixroyd lanyards & locating bushes mean that your aviation pip pin is where you need it, when you need it.

Commercial Standard Ball Lock Pins

Quick securing solution with a range of shear resistances and handle styles to suit your application.

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