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Flush Handles

Flush pull handles available from stock in a wide range of sizes and styles. From a standard plastic flush handle to a stainless steel ring handle, we have the stock to suit any application.

Flush Pull Handles - 79500

A profiled aluminium flush pull handle available in natural and black satin finishes.

Plastic Tray Handle - 79552

Our tray handles can be mounted either from front or behind a housing wall that has the same housing cut out. Snap lock and pull back options are standard.

Collapsible Tray Handle - 79540

A stainless steel collapsible tray handle can sit flush with any application that has the appropriate cut out. Its spring return handle, returns from working to resting position when released.

Flush Ring Pulls - 79720

Ring pull recessed handle comes in polished stainless steel 304 and supplied with screws. Suitable for light weight industrial applications.

Flush Pull Handles - 79490

A standard pull handle providing the user with a flush handle that has a satin finish.

Flush Pull Handles - 79530

A slim, simple and stable design for use on panels 1 to 5mm thick.

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