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One Touch Fasteners

A secure, quick and time saving solution. One-touch fasteners are the ideal solution for applications needing tool-less fasteners for rapid and recurring changeover of tooling set ups. No time wasted unfastening screws/fixings, avoid loss of fixings that can hold up industrial production and contaminate outputted materials.

As an industrial fastener that saves time it allows businesses to achieve better productivity and essentially save money. Industrial uses are diverse including bottling/conveyor processes, machine cover fastening, rapid changeover of tooling and drive belts. One touch fastener variations include ball clamping, cam locking, quarter turn, magnetic fastening and ball locking.

Ball Locking One Touch Fasteners

Handle styles include button and quarter turn for quick fasteneing. Visual on/off feature available with quarter turn handle.

Ball Clamping One Touch Fasteners

Ball bearings in the receptacle clamp onto the shaft of the pin to secure. Receptacles come in mechanical and safety release models.

Cam Locking One Touch Fasteners

The pin follows the receptacle cam profile to lock and positively clamp two surfaces together.

Magnetic One Touch Fasteners

The magnetic fastener receptacle contains Neodymium magnets generating a 7N clamping force. Great for effortless location of panel covers.

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