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Rollers, Bumpers and Shock Absorbers

High Quality
Outstanding Value
Wixroyd offer Rollers and Bumpers for Conveyors, Guides and Belt Idlers, providing shock absorption and support. Made in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes for a multitude of jobs.

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We are continuously developing an extensive range of CAD models. Visit regularly to see the latest work, or contact us for our full CAD library.
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Wixroyd International Ltd
Alexia House
Little Mead Industrial Estate
Surrey, GU6 8NE (UK)

Telephone 0845 26 66 577
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  • Cost effective and lightweight cup rollers - stainless or zinc plated steel
  • Load capacity from 70N to 2000N
  • Provides smooth transfer of parts along assembly lines
  • Ideal in combination with rollers and bumpers
  • Durosoft rollers with excellent resistance, making them ideal for moving components
  • Widely used for material and component handling in automated processes
  • Sizes 1.5" to 6"
  • Widely used for material and component handling in automated processes
  • Ranging from 2 to 4 inches in diameter
  • Suitable for applications where part protection and appearance are critical
  • Metric round bumpers and stop in a variety of configurations
  • Steel core with black neoprene or urethane moulding
  • Use to guard, stop and align components during assembly
  • Supplied in metric sizes of up to 63mm
  • Stocked in black neoprene and urethane with heat resistance from -18 to +90 Celsius
  • Ideal for part protection through stages of manufacture
  • Neoprene rubber on a blank metal plate - so it can be drilled to your specification
  • Available in 60 shore rubber on zinc plate steel
  • Static load of 2500 daN to 10000 daN
  • Vibrating machines can damage expensive machinery
  • Wide range of components to manage and contain vibration
  • Anti-vibration mats, anti-vibration feet & anti-vibration cylinders
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