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Thread Mounted Index Plungers

Thread mounted index plungers are available from stock. Available in steel, stainless or plastic handles. For special requirements, please contact us today.

Index Plungers - Pull Grip - 32570

A pull grip index plunger available in steel or stainless steel with a plastic grip.

Index Plungers - Pull Grip Compact - 32680

Wixroyd's compact non-locking index plunger includes a thread recess for full engagement of thread length.

Index Plungers - Compact - 32690

The locking variation of the compact index plunger comes in steel and stainless steel. Engagement of the locking element requires a simple pull back and 90° twist of the plastic grip.

Index Plungers - Pull Grip - 32700

This range hosts a index plunger without a fitted grip which allows the user to mount a customised handle to suit the application requirements.

Index Plunger - Pull Grip - 32712

Complete stainless steel construction designed with specific demands of food processing, pharmaceutical and water treatment industries in mind. This specific range comes with a locking feature.

Index Plunger - Pull Grip - 32742

An all stainless index plunger designed for spring back location. Temperature resistance ranges from -30°C to +80°C.

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