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Three Lobed Knobs

Three lobed knobs are made from a black thermoplastic. They are used for industrial machines and come in a wide range of Metric sizes.

Three Lobed Knobs - 70580

Plastic three lobed knobs with stainless steel grub bush. Sizes range from M6 to M10. In Stock.

Three Lobed Knobs - Stainless Grub Screw - 70590

Three lobed knobs with stainless steel grub screw. Metric sizes from M6 to M10. Handle made from black thermoplastic.

Non-adjustable Three Lobed Knobs - 70620

Black Duroplast three lobed knobs. Sizes from M5 up to M16. Parts available from stock.

Non-adjustable Three Lobed Knobs - Grub Screw - 70630

Black plastic three lobed knobs. Non-adjustable. Sizes range from M6 to M12. Available from stock.

Three Lobed Knobs - 70640

Matte black plastic three lobed knobs. Available in sizes from M6 to M12. Available from stock.

Three Lobed Knobs with Grub Screw - 70660

Screw material is zinc-plated steel stud. Grip material is thermoplastic, matte black.

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