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Cam Latches - With Handle

Cam latches are closing and fastening devices. They are typically used to secure doors, panels and hatches as an alternative to locks and are in widespread use on electrical cabinets, enclosures and sheet metal doors and access panels. They have a body at one end with either a handle or shaped insert. The body is attached to a cam, which latches to the enclosure panel preventing opening. When the handle or insert is turned, the cam turns through 90 or 180 degrees to engage or disengage from latching. A cam lock operates on the same principle, with a cylinder lock providing extra security.

Cam Latches - Fixed Grip - A1181

Black Plastic Wing Handle, with choice of finish on zinc body. Wing handle acts as handle and lock actuator.

Mini Cam Latches - Wing Handle - A1192

Bright chrome finsh. Simple, easy to actuate wing handle design. Small cut out and body length. Nut or clip fixing.

Flexi-System Cam Latches - A1203

Finger handle cam latch. Locks with quarter turn of the handle. Availabel with zinc or plastic handle.

Tamper Evident Cam Latches - A1210

Tamper evident, with hole for wire or cable tie. Quarter turn opening. Slotted insert makes for simple unlocking with screwdriver.

Padlock Wing Handle - Cam Latches - A1161

Padlock wing handle locks with quarter turn. Design accomodates two different padlock sizes. Black coated or Chrome finish.

Cam Latches - Insert Driver - A1168

Dust proof cap prevents ingress and is tamper evident. Quarter turn cam lock action.

T-Handle Fixed Grip - Cam Latches - A2503

T handle cam lock. Available in Keyed alike and Keyed to differ. Chrome or black coated.

Long body Cam Latches - A2504

T handle cam latch. NO lock for easy actuation. Body lengths from 18 to 62mm. Suitable for thicker doors.

Cam Latches - L-Handle Fixed Grip - A2523

L handle cam lock. Keyed alike, Keyed to Differ and Euro Key options, as well as blank, no lock version. Chrome, plastic or black coated.

L-Handle Padlockable Cam Latches - A2526

Padlock attachment L handle cam lock. Handle style. Chrome of black coated. Quarter turn action.

L-Handle - Flexi System Cam Latches - A2528

L handle cam latch. Padlocks into position as full handle.

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