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Door Stays

The Door Stays are designed specifically for use with full size or heavy duty doors due to their load bearing. These come with a maximum load bearing so it is helpful if the weight of the door is known befor knowing which door stay you wish to use with your application because this may effect the efficiency of the stay.

Soft-Closing Stays - N0350

For use with lids which are upward opening, with piano, butt or drop hinges. For use with relatively light weight cabinet or furniture lids.

Soft-Closing Stays - N0100

Designed for discrete catching of cabinets and enclosures, Lever catches provide concealed or flish latching mechanisms.

Stainless Steel Door Stay - N2100

Mechanically locks door at fully open position. Lever will remain in unlocked position until the door is returned to fully open.

Heavy Duty Door Stays - N2200

This is made for heavy duty horizontal door applications. Made from Stainless Steel. Right and Left versions are available, with or without lock release wire.

Multi-Stop Door Stays - N2000

Multi-Stop Door Stay, made with stainless steel. Slide lock lever to lock/unlock stay. Designed for outward opening doors.

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