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Latches and Catches

The Catches and Latches section offer a wide varity of various different touch latches, push buttons and magnetic catches created to ease the opening and closing of small cabinet doors. In this range we have an array of different materials, designs and sizes so you can find the right one for you.

Push to Close Latches

Simple to use mechanism. For lightweight doors that require a mechanical push button to open and secure them. Designed for display units etc.

Lever Catches

Designed for discrete catching of cabinets and enclosures, Lever catches provide concealed or flish latching mechanisms.

Knuckle Catches

Made to secure panels and covers in a closed position. Stocked in plastic, die-cast zinc and stainless steel.

Touch Latches

Concealed mechanical solutions for the closing and retaining of covers. Provides positive feedback without externally visible components.

Tension Catches

Offers a high holding force. Used for securing large cabinets or doors for long periods of time. Available in staibless steel and die-cast zinc.

Magnetic Touch Latches

Concealed magnetic solutions for the closing and retaining of covers. Magnets provide additional retention to prevent unintentional swinging of cover.

Magnetic Catches

High strength magnets retain panels and covers with the benefit of no moving parts. Designed for easy installation.

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