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Locating Pins

Locating pins are used to locate workpieces and fixture elements into toleranced holes. The flattened locating pin can be used to overcome differences in tolerances, between holes or to position an element in one direction only.

Locating and Seating Pins - 36220

Pins in this range are made to DIN 6321 in hardened steel. Cylindrical locating pins serve to locate workpieces into toleranced holes and flattened models can be used to overcome differences in tolerances.

Locating Pins - 36240

The flattened and cylindrical pins feature a bore hole in the bottom for additional safety so they can be secured to the jig from above or below.

Seating Pins - 36300

Wixroyd seating pins serve as a bearing surface for tools and jigs. All pins made from tool steel, hardened and ground.

Location Pins - 36340

A ball ended location pin that facilitates inserting work pieces and avoid clamping inclination. Models available include flattened and plain.

Location Pins, Non-Stepped - 36341

The non-stepped version of range 36340 provide a dowel like cylindrical body with a relief groove coming in diameters 8mm to 50mm.

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