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Machine Mounts

Machine mounts are perfect for machinery with low frequency vibrations or irregular floors. Available in steel & stainless steel with rubber feet, Wixroyd stock hundreds of machine mounts in a range of sizes and shapes.

Machine Mounts - 34900

Our machine mount 34900 is suitable for machinery with low frequency vibrations and for irregular floors. Rubber pad comes with an anti-slide cavity.

Machine Mounts - 34910

This low profile machine mount is suited towards medium & high frequency vibrations and with smooth floors. Swivel based versions are available in M12 & M16 for inclined floors.

Heavy Duty Machine Mounts - 34930

Coming with a steel stud and polyurethane base, it has little deflection and maximum adherence due to the shape of its base. Designed for heavy machining.

Stainless Machine Mounts - 34980

A 304 stainless machine mount with a 65 Shore A rubber base best suited for smooth floors. Load capacity is from 0 - 2000Kgf across the product range.

Stainless Machine Mounts - 34990

Ideal for food and pharmaceutical applications with a hard polyurethane base that is resistant to aggressive oils & chemicals. Has a very heavy load carrying capacity.

Heavy Duty Machine Mounts - 34940

Wixroyd's 34940 features a coated steel body with a special bowl shape to protect against corrosion. Provides long life and oustanding stability even with strong vibration/impact machinery.

Heavy Duty Machine Mounts - 34950

This galvanised steel machine mount gives great levelling accuracy, with its fine pitch thread. Can take very high horizontal loads upto 3500Kg of static load and 1500Kgf for dynamic load.

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