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Push to Close Latches

Push to close latches automatically close and secure doors without the need to turn a key or handle. They typically have a sprung cam that provides a ‘slam action’, so the latch springs and engages as soon as it passes a door frame.

Push to close latches typically have a push button release action but can also have a turn or key release action.

Push Knobs - No Latch - E0300

Push knobs available in either gold or chrome. Suitable for door/wall thicknesses from 15mm to 35mm.

Push Knobs - With Latch - E0800

Push knobs with latch - For inset doors. Suitable for door/wall thicknesses of 15mm to 30mm.

Push Knobs - With Latch - E1400

Push button latch, available in chrome, satin nickel or polished brass plating. Polyamide body.

Push Lock - Spring Loaded Cam - E1600

Push lock - suitable for panel thicknesses of 1 - 15mm. When installed, lock is 5mm above surface.

Push Lock - Spring Loaded Cam - E1602

Push Lock - spring loaded cam. Push button. Suitable for door thickness of 1 to 16mm.

Push Lock - Spring Loaded Cam - E1604

Standard cylinder lock - fixed grip. On closing of panel, special contour of the spring loaded cam allows it to be guided over the catch plate.

Push Latch - Spring Loaded Cam - E1670

Mounted under panel surface so only the button is exposed. Mount with 2 x M3 screws. Depress button to retract catch and open panel.

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